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Volunteer to be on an FLTA Committee

Every year, the incoming president appoints people to the various FLTA committees. As much as possible, we have tried to be open to everyone participating and we don't see that changing.

However, this year we are trying to use technology to do a better job of getting the word out and of matching volunteers to committees of interest.

Please take a moment to fill out this survey and let us know where you would like to volunteer to help make our industry better and stronger.

Many Thanks!

Your Name:

In contrast to most of our surveys which are anonymous, if you are volunteering to work on an FLTA committee, we do need to know who is responding.

Your Email Address

Please use the same email address as you use for your FLTA online services, so we can match you up correctly.

I volunteer to be an active member of the Following Commitees

To help us better match interested parties with committees, please rank your preferences from 0 (not interested at all) to 5 (my top choice). The incoming president will try to match your preferences while balancing the composition of the various committees and FLTA's needs. While we appreciate the enthusiasm, please try to resist the urge to rate every committee as a "5"

Under the FLTA bylaws, membership on several committees is restricted (for example to past presidents or certain members of the board). Those committees are not listed here.

0 -- Not Interested 1 2 3 4 5 -- My Top Choice
Allied Industries Committee
Convention Committee
Education Committee
Finance Committee
Forms Committee (Underwriters Only)
Fraud Prevention
Government Affairs & Judiciary
Legislative Action Committee
Lender Instruction Review Committee
Membership Committee
Rules Redrafting Committees

FLTA is considering starting the following new committees/sub-committees. Interested?

As above, please rank your preferences from 0 (not interested at all) to 5 (my top choice).

The Turn-Out Committee would be responsible for contacting agents in your area and encouraging them to attend FLTA events and programs.

Realtor and Allied Industry Education would be a subcommittee of the Allied Industries Committee responsible for developing the educational programs and materials for Realtors and other real estate professionals

Agent Marketing – To assist in Drafting Brochures and marketing materials for use by FLTA member agents.

Practice Forms Committee would be responsible for gathering and drafting escrow and other business forms we might make available to FLTA member-agents.

0 - Not Interested 1 2 3 4 5 - My Top Choice
Realtor & Allied Industry Education Sub-committee
Agent Marketing Committee
Practice Forms Committee
Turn-Out Committee

I request to be included on the E-mail distribution list for the checked committees -- whether I volunteered for it or not

Please understand that the committee chair has discretion as to whether to include non-members of the committee on their distribution lists. This is merely a request to be included. Also understand that not all committee communications will use the master mailing lists.

I'd like to volunteer to:

I think FLTA should add a new committee to do the following:

Thanks for your Input and for making FLTA stronger & better!

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